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Rica EDC17CP48 Bootkit

The following Volvo engines can be tuned with this tool:

  • D5244T11 D5 (215 hp) 2.4L 5cil VIN: YV1__82
  • D5244T15 D5 (215 hp) 2.4L 5cil VIN: YV1__83
  • D5204T7 D3 (136 hp) 2.0L 5cil VIN: YV1__31
  • D5204T6 D3 (150hp) 2.0L 5cil VIN: YV1__51
  • D5244T12 D4 (181hp) 2.4L 5cil VIN: YV1__81
  • D5244T17 D4 (163hp) 2.4L 5cil VIN: YV1__87
  • D5204T3/2 D3/D4 (163hp) 2.0L 5cil VIN: YV1__88
  • D5204T4 D4 (177hp) 2.0L 5cil VIN: YV1__55
  • D82PHEV D6 (285hp) hybrid 2.4L 5cil VIN: YV1__AA

Part number of the ECM: Volvo 31336983/31355882, Bosch 0 281 018 414